Sanjay Gandhi Memorial College, Ranchi is to pursue and achieve goals of students. It is our commitment to continue to be at the forefront of providing the best education to our students. It acts as a catalyst in shaping a bright and sustainable future of our nation. We are providing highest quality education, nurture their talent, promote intellectual growth and shape their personal development. Our job is to make sure that students should experience everything in the college campus. We are here to ensure quality education affordable and accessible to everyone.
We have a vision to become nationally recognized as an innovative, creative institution renowned for its focus on delivering good education in remote areas. The college also focuses to educate students with the ability and agile mindset to be entrepreneurial, socially responsible global citizens who are able to navigate the complexities of a rapidly changing world. We seek to develop the strengths and talents of all members of our community so they can achieve their personal best. We develop and pursue the highest standards in all that we do, and promote a climate of continuous improvement.
We strive for quality in staffing, facilities, programs and services. We promote honesty and transparency in support of student and employee success. We encourage responsible decision-making and conflict resolution that respects the dignity of others. The college has embarked on a strategic planning process that includes engaging faculty, staff and students to create a plan that will guide the institution for the coming years.
We are committed to the development of an interactive, collaborative and innovative community that encourages working creatively.
.Our vision is to establish a LAND MARK in JHARKHAND.

Durga Lal Sharma