Secretary Desk

I congratulate you to choosing Sanjay Gandhi Memorial College as the institution to accomplish your goal. Sanjay Gandhi Memorial College in its firm is putting in this best to impart you best instruction, mould personality, developed communication skills in calculated professional aptitude. It is for you to make the best use of our stay in the college and strength in yourself to face competition, which is not merely national but global. I wish you all success in your academic.. This feeling of 'belonginess' is so paramount for our happiness that it cannot be replaced by anything else. Well, perhaps as many are aware that as the Secretary with greater responsibilities. It is all due to the goodwill of the school, staff, administration and management. Indeed, I am very delighted to see the school shining on the Indian map for quite a number of years showering knowledge, values and morals shaping lives. Just as every pupil gains something from a school and he or she gives something in return, the tradition which has grown within our school is the 'accumulated giving' of all the pupils, present and past.

Founder Secretary
With best regards,